Monday, April 27, 2009

Twitter ADD

I find myself ADD- writing- impaired. I have embraced Facebook, Twitter, and the blogging to the point where all my free time and creative, witty comments are reduced to 140 characters or less. I like the challenge and find myself honing smart ass comments and sharing private intimate moments that I wouldn't have dreamed of before Twitter.

It is like an addiction. I want to shock, entertain and make the world see me. Kind of like cocaine was in the 80's. With the powerful powder I was convinced I was the smartest, funniest person in the world and everyone wanted to know how I felt about everything. Those not on coke, found me drool and narcissistic. They were right. I am drool and narcissistic. Show me an author who isn't. Without our delusions of grandeur we would never tap out our tomes. We would work for someone else and talk about how we always wanted to tell stories.

So all this ADD checking threads on my IPhone while trying to shock and impress is making me neglect my writing and yet at the same time making me more succinct. What a concept, a succinct narcissist with no personal boundaries. I might just make it as an author. Thanks Twitter for bringing out the real Teri without sending her to jail or the hospital. To hell with the circus, I'm running away to join the world.

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  1. "To hell with the circus, I'm running away to join the world." brilliant. :)


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